Three Generations of Providing Exceptional
Merchandise from Americana to Contemporary

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Customers of all Backgrounds

Liberace drives in with his Cadillac, but he likes another customer's Model T Ford. He left with a candelabra for one of his Steinway Grand pianos

A newspaper clipping on H.G. Webber Antiques, and a customer's visit.
Three Generations of Auctioneers

Bob Webber. Guest Auctioneer, NAWCC Dearborn MI  in the 1970's.  He was a made a "Fellow" in the NAWCC for his contributions.

Hyman G. Webber at work,
1st Generation at 495 Lafayette Road

NAWCC Dearborn MI Auction in progress.  Dad lent his services at Regional and National conventions for 20+ years.

2nd Generation, Robert S. Webber
at Bob Schmitt Auction Oct-2003

Bob Schmitt auctions, Harvey spots.
Bobby Webber looks on.
Robert Webber (1929 - 2005) The man & his legacy.
A Diverse Inventory In a Charming 18th Century Barn Setting

Harvey getting ready for a Carriage Clock presentation for a non-profit organisation.

Harvey's an expert in Durfee Tall Clocks

H.G. Webber Antiques in Hampton since the 1940's.  The barn and house are a bit more modern but people of all types still pop-by.

Family and Friends

Nathan Page at Schmitt's

Harvey and Harlan play with the Country
Store Cigar Indian, circa 1967.
Don't be fooled:  See 3 wild Indians in photo.
Harvey and Harlan Hummels.jpg (55754 bytes)
Hampton, NH Living Room, 1968
harlan2.jpg (18923 bytes) 
Harlan (UK)  works for State Street
Is he a buyer, or a crier?  Jury is still out.
harvsuit.jpg (14087 bytes)
Harvey (USA) All grown-up now,
we don't break things, we fix them.
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