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Basically, for now you can be assured that we take the privacy of your activities and your information very seriously. Your personal info will never be shared with a 3rd party.

Personal Info to subscribe to the web site is for your benefit.
Any information that is provided to this site about you is provided by you, to improve your shopping experience, or to include you on our mailing list for the web newsletter. To remove yourself, or amend your details, click "My Account" in the tope of screen menu bar. If you need help to do this, ask the Webmaster. (via "Contact Us")

HG,, are all part of HG Webber Antiques.
Basically, is our main site, hosting our web store inventory and Antiques and Auction newsletters. (We also have, but it just  brings you to the main site, just as takes you to Apple's home page.)

  • (to encourage interest in what we have on offer) - a place to share Special Offers, perhaps a calendar of events, a schedule of our upcoming shows, a news blog, or pictures of the shop during different seasons. Exact tool to do this are undecided, but it should be fun.
  • (to encourage an appreciation of art in all of its forms) - an interactive forum, where discussion groups may grow and people to share their thoughts and ideas about art, traditional to contemporary. Not so hard to do this stuff, with the right tools. We are looking at Joomla! for this.
    We will let you know via our HG Webber newsletter as these 2 sites undergo improvements. You may wish to subscribe to them if they are of interest. Otherwise, we will keep our communication focused on HG Webber and what we are doing.

Keeping your payment details confidential is important.
For now, we will focus on sales using known methods, like PayPal, postal order, or good personal check. If you come to the store in person, cash is always ok. Over time, we may look at other methods like MasterCard/Visa, but if and when we do, proper SSL encryption will be in place to protect you.

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